Franciszek Riczard Zwierzchowski 1a

Birth Name Zwierzchowski, Franciszek Riczard
Gender male
Age at Death 87 years, 10 months, 9 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1920-06-19 Lomza, Poland  
Death 2008-04-28 Sherbrooke, Cantons de l'est (Estrie), Québec, Canada  
Media Note

ZWIERZCHOWSKI Frank 1920 - 2008 À Sherbrooke, le 28 avril 2008, à l'âge de 87 ans, est décédé M. Frank Zwierzchowski, vétéran de la 2e guerre mondiale et époux de 60 ans de feu Lucia Lombardo, demeurant à Sherbrooke. M. Zwierzchowski est paisiblement décédé entouré de ses proches. La famille vous accueillera à la: Résidence funéraire Steve L. Elkas inc. 601, rue du Conseil Sherbrooke (Québec) Tél.: 819 565-1155 Téléc.: 819 820-8872 Pour messages de sympathie: Affiliée à la C.T.Q. Le jeudi 1er mai 2008 de 14h à 16h et de 19h à 22h et le vendredi 2 mai 2008 de 9h jusqu'à 11h. Une cérémonie d'adieux sera célébrée le VENDREDI 2 mai 2008 à 11h à la Résidence funéraire Steve L. Elkas, et suivie de l'inhumation au cimetière St-Peter's. M. Zwierzchowski laisse dans le deuil ses enfants: Richard Zwierzchowski (Sylvie Allard), Sonia Palik (Zdenek Palik), George Zwierzchowski (Christine Couture) et Miriam Zwierzchowska (Carl Cossette). Ses petits-enfants: Nadia Zwierzchowska (Christian Charette), Lidia (Palik) Pritchard (Steve Pritchard), Frank Zwierzchowski (Valérie Gosselin), Jennifer Palik (Jose Jarquin), Sarah Zwierzchowski, Sophie Zwierzchowski, Anthony Zwierzchowski. Ses arrière-petits-enfants: Olivia Charette, Noah Pritchard, Angelina Charette, Mateo Franek Jarquin et Hannah Pritchard (à venir). Ses frères et soeurs: Marta (feu Kazik), Jurek (Margaret) et Waldek (Jadzia). Son beau-frère, feu Orazio Lombardo, son beau-frère, Elia Lombardo (Stefania), sa belle-soeur Miriam (Lombardo), Sgabellone (Rocco), Il était aussi le fils de feu Jan et Janine (née Ozarowska) et le frère de feu Wanda (feu Czeslaw). Il laisse aussi plusieurs neveux et nièces de Pologne, d'Angleterre et du Canada, autres parents et amis. La famille tient à remercier tout le personnel du CHUS Hôtel-Dieu pour les bons soins prodigués à monsieur Zwierzchowski.



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Jan Zwierzchowski
Mother Janina Ozarowska
         Franciszek Riczard Zwierzchowski
    Sister     Wanda Zwierzchowski
    Sister     Marta Zwierzchowski
    Brother     Waldek Zwierzchowski
    Brother     Jurek Zwierzchowski


    Family of Franciszek Riczard Zwierzchowski and Lucia Fortunata Lombardo
Married Wife Lucia Fortunata Lombardo
  1. Waldek Zwierzchowski
  2. Waldek Zwierzchowski
  3. Richard Aldo Zwierzchowski
  4. Sonia Gabriella Zwierzchowska
  5. Jurek Stephan Zwierzchowski
  6. Miriam Alexandra Janina Zwierzchowska



Franciszek Ryszard Zwierzchowski was born on June 19, 1920 in Lomza, Poland. The son of Jan Zwierzchowski and Janina Ozarofska, he was the second of five children: Wanda, Frank, Jurek, Marta and Waldek.

Frank joined the war effort when the Nazis invaded Poland, lying about his age in order to join.

He was captured by the Germans in Libya during the Battle for Tobruk on Christmas Eve, and brought to Italiy.

It was while he was interned in a prisoner of war camp, from across the fence, that he first took notice of the lovely young lady that would become his wife.

With a natural talent for learning languages, he learned German so well that he convinced them he was an interpreter, and used this ruse to walk out of the camp. Frank spoke 9 languages throughout his life.

The third time he escaped from a prisoner of war camp, he was harbored by one of the heads of the Underground movement. As it turns out, that man also happened to be uncle to Lucia Lombardo, the lovely young lady that Frank had so admired.

As an escaped prisoner, Frank had to stay on the move; so he and Lucia eloped on September 24, 1944. Tragically they lost their first two infants in their first year of life.

Once the war had ended, they moved to England, where they lived for seven years in the same town as Frank’s brother, Jurek.

Their son Richard was born in 1947. In 1952, Lucia’s brother Orazio convinced his family to join him in the Land of Opportunity, Canada. The couple arrived with $10 in their pockets. Frank began doing odd jobs as a painter to support his young family. In 1954, their daughter Sonia was born.

Meanwhile, Lucia began taking on small sewing jobs from home. This would eventually pave the way to opening up their clothing manufacture in 1961, which they ran successfully together for over twenty years.

Their son George was born in 1958. And three years after buying their family home, their daughter Miriam was born in 1966.

Frank was a proud Nonno to seven grandchildren - Nadia, Lidia, Frankie, Jenny, Sarah, Sophie and Anthony; And bis-Nonno to four great-grandchildren – Olivia, Noah, Angelina and Mateo, with the fifth one, Hannah, on the way.

Frank’s family was his pride and joy, and he was unconditionally devoted to them. He was the rock on which everyone could lean, and the glue that kept them together. He was most content when his loved ones were near him and happy.

His wife, children, grandchildren, siblings, nieces, nephews and many friends could always count on him. He was an endless source of wisdom, love, comfort and laughter. Frank’s sense of humor and wit were some of his trademarks.

But he will be remembered most for his absolute selflessness and tremendous generosity. Always putting the needs of others first, his home and his arms were always open to everyone.

Frank was a true gentleman. He exuded chivalry, dignity, decency and compassion. We honour his memory by remembering him not with tears but with a smile, and by reaching out to one another the way he always did.

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Jan Zwierzchowski
    1. Janina Ozarowska
      1. Wanda Zwierzchowski
      2. Marta Zwierzchowski
      3. Waldek Zwierzchowski
      4. Jurek Zwierzchowski
      5. Franciszek Riczard Zwierzchowski
        1. Lucia Fortunata Lombardo
          1. Waldek Zwierzchowski
          2. Waldek Zwierzchowski
          3. Richard Aldo Zwierzchowski
          4. Sonia Gabriella Zwierzchowska
          5. Jurek Stephan Zwierzchowski
          6. Miriam Alexandra Janina Zwierzchowska


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