Georges Auger

Birth Name Auger, Georges
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Thomas Auger
Mother Eusebie Thiffault
    Brother     François-Xavier Auger
    Sister     Malvina Auger
         Georges Auger


See the birth record for François-Xavier Auger's child Georges Oscar Auger, which contains the following text:

"[...] le parrain a été Georges Auger, la marrain [D?]eliva [?urriver?] épouse du parrain, de cette paroisse."

Note that this doesn't mean Georges Auger is François-Xavier Auger's brother, but I don't have any other information on this family branch at this point in time. [2007-1-28]

(Found a reference on RootWeb's WorldConnect to a Georges Auger married to a Délina Fournier, 1862-9-20 to 1938-10-13. Still no further information on Georges Auger or François-Xavier Auger.)


  1. Thomas Auger
    1. Eusebie Thiffault
      1. Malvina Auger
      2. Georges Auger
      3. François-Xavier Auger