Olivier Edouard Charet 1a

Birth Name Charet, Olivier Edouard
Gender male


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Jean-Baptiste-Henri Chauret
Mother Lucie Amaringher
    Brother     Louis Charet
    Brother     Jean-Louis Charet
    Brother     Isidore Charet
         Olivier Edouard Charet
    Brother     Jean Charette
    Brother     Pierre Charet
    Brother     Henry Charet
    Brother     Thomas Charet
    Brother     Edouard Charet


    Family of Olivier Edouard Charet and Mathilde Lorrain
Married Wife Mathilde Lorrain
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage 1846-09-28 Notre-Dame, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  
  1. Lucie Charette
  2. François-Xavier Charette
  3. Edouard Charette
  4. Elie Charette
  5. Dolphis Charette
  6. Adèle Charette
  7. Damase Charette
  8. Isaïe Charette
  9. Luce Charette
  10. Salomé Charette
  11. Joseph Charette
  12. Olivier Charette
  13. Mathilde Charette
  14. Alexina Charette

Family Map

Family Map


  1. Jean-Baptiste-Henri Chauret
    1. Lucie Amaringher
      1. Henry Charet
      2. Olivier Edouard Charet
        1. Mathilde Lorrain
          1. François-Xavier Charette
          2. Edouard Charette
          3. Elie Charette
          4. Dolphis Charette
          5. Damase Charette
          6. Isaïe Charette
          7. Olivier Charette
          8. Luce Charette
          9. Joseph Charette
          10. Mathilde Charette
          11. Adèle Charette
          12. Salomé Charette
          13. Lucie Charette
          14. Alexina Charette
      3. Jean Charette
      4. Louis Charet
      5. Jean-Louis Charet
      6. Isidore Charet
      7. Edouard Charet
      8. Pierre Charet
      9. Thomas Charet


Source References

  1. Jean-Benoit Charette: Généalogie de la famille Charette
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