Suzane Charette

Birth Name Charette, Suzane 1a
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Robert-Cléophas Charette
Mother Anna Maisonneuve
    Sister     Jeannine Charette
         Suzane Charette
    Sister     Hélène Charette
    Brother     André Charette
    Brother     Jean Pierre Charette
    Brother     Benoît Charette


    Family of Serge Vézeau and Suzane Charette
Unknown Partner Serge Vézeau


  1. Robert-Cléophas Charette
    1. Anna Maisonneuve
      1. Suzane Charette
        1. Serge Vézeau
      2. Jean Pierre Charette
      3. Benoît Charette
      4. Hélène Charette
      5. Jeannine Charette
      6. André Charette


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