Antoinette Auger

Birth Name Auger, Antoinette
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth 1901-01-00    
Census 1911   1911 census/Quebec/Wright district/Hull/subdistrict 32/page 1/lines 25-31
Event Note

The 1911 census shows Exavier Auger (age 58) and his wife Mélanie (age 54) with 5 of their children:
1) Jacques, age 31
2) Arthur, age 25
3) Adélard, age 18
4) Marie-Ange, age 15
5) Antoinette, age 10

All five of the children have a marital status of "single".



Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father François-Xavier Auger
Mother Mélanie Kimble
    Brother     François Xavier Auger
    Brother     Jacques Auger
    Brother     Jean-Baptiste Auger
    Brother     Pierre Auger
    Brother     Joseph Arthur Auger
    Brother     Adélard Auger
    Sister     Marie Amanda Auger
    Sister     Marie-Ange Auger
    Brother     Georges Oscar Auger
         Antoinette Auger
    Brother     Oren Auger


  1. François-Xavier Auger
    1. Mélanie Kimble
      1. François Xavier Auger
      2. Jacques Auger
      3. Jean-Baptiste Auger
      4. Pierre Auger
      5. Joseph Arthur Auger
      6. Adélard Auger
      7. Marie Amanda Auger
      8. Marie-Ange Auger
      9. Antoinette Auger
      10. Georges Oscar Auger
      11. Oren Auger


Source References

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