Famille Bélanger, 1926


Fernando Bélanger and Albina Boisvenue.

On the picture is a hand-written date "1926", but with 6 children in the picture, it most likely was taken in 1927 after the birth of Yvette. Assuming that is correct, the children pictured are: Marie-Anne (about 10 years old), Marie-Rose (about 8 years old), Eugénie (about 6 years old), Reina (about 5 years old), Délima (about 2 years old), and the newborn held by Albina would be Yvette.

Source References

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  1. Albina Boisvenue
  2. Délima Bélanger
  3. Eugénie Bélanger
  4. Fernando Bélanger
  5. Marie-Anne Bélanger
  6. Marie-Rose Bélanger
  7. Reina Bélanger
  8. Yvette Bélanger