Famille de Dina et Oscar Charette, 1957


Images are not dated. But in a 2nd image from the same set, a sign behind them indicates they're celebrating their 50th anniversary. The pictures must have been taken around November 1957.

Source References

  1. Photo album: Marie-Anne Bélanger-Charette
      • Date: 2008-10-25
      • Page: volume 4, page 38


  1. Dina Charette
  2. Estor Charette
  3. Ivanhoe-Oscar Charette
  4. Lina Charette
  5. Lucien Charette
  6. Marie Eva Rita Charette
  7. Paul-Émile Charette
  8. Robert-Cléophas Charette
  9. Sylva Hormisdas Charette