Estor & Dina Charette


The 3 oldest children in this picture were all born in early 1900:

- Marie-Rose, born in 1908
- Ivanhoe, born in 1911
- Paul-Émile, born in 1912

The next child, Gertrude, was born in 1917.

Assuming the picture was taken around 1915 or 1916 prior to the birth of Gertrude, that would make the children about 7, 3, and 2 years old.

Source References

  1. various: E-mail message
      • Date: 2008-02-29
      • Page: e-mail from Marguerite Denis
      • Source Reference Note:

        Salut Stéphane,

        J'ai fait un peu de ménage hier dans les photos de Grand-maman Charette. J'ai trouvé une photo de
        Edmond-Oscar-Fernando Bélanger. Je n'ai malheureusement pas la date de la prise de cette photo.

      • Source Reference Note:

        Estor et Dina Charette, Rose Blanche, Ivanoe et Paul-Emile. Aucune date d'inscrite.


  1. Dina Charette
  2. Estor Charette
  3. Ivanhoe-Oscar Charette
  4. Marie-Rose Blanche Charette
  5. Paul-Émile Charette