Famille de Adolphe-Delphis Charette, about 1904


The abscence of Dina who married Estor in late 1907 and the approximate age of Arthur on the right would indicate this picture was taken in the early 1900s, likely before 1907. Assuming Arthur is about 8 years old, and further assuming his date of birth is in 1896 (conflicting accounts), I've chosen 1904 as a fair approximation.

Not identified in the photograph are the two older people in the front-left corner. Assumption is this would be Adolphe-Delphis Charette and his second wife, Rosalie Gagnon.

Third-from-left in front is Virginie Charette, from Adolphe-Delphis' first marriage with Virginie Cléroux. Next to her is her husband Jean-Baptiste Dazé.

Back row from left-to-right is:

1) Midas (Perhaps Hormidas, who eventually married Aurore Bélanger in 1911?)

2) Léontine

3) Daface (?)

4) Lévina (?)

5) Estor, who married Dina Charette in 1907

6) Arthur-Calixte

Source References

  1. Photo album: Marie-Anne Bélanger-Charette
      • Date: 2008-10-25
      • Page: volume 6, page 22


  1. Adolphe-Delphis Charette
  2. Arthur-Calixte Charette
  3. Estor Charette
  4. Hormidas Charette
  5. Jean-Baptiste Dazé
  6. Léontine Charette
  7. Rosalie Gagnon
  8. Virginie Charette