Jean-Baptiste Boisvenue, Virginie Labelle, & familly, 1935


Back row, left-to-right: Marie-Anne Bélanger, Albina Boisvenue-Bélanger, unknown man, unknown woman, unknown child, Marie-Rose (Rosine) Bélanger.
Front, left-to-right: unknown child, Virginie Labelle-Boisvenue, Jean-Baptiste Boisvenue, unknown child.

Marguerite Denis-Charette thought the unknown woman in back might be Reina Bélanger.

Since then, I've found a duplicate of this photograph in album #7 with the the following caption:

Grand Père Grand Maman Boisvenue
Oncle et Tante Oscard Boisvenue

Source References

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      • Date: 2008-09-16
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  1. Albina Boisvenue
  2. Jean-Baptiste Boisvenue
  3. Marie-Anne Bélanger
  4. Marie-Rose Bélanger
  5. Oscar Boisvenue
  6. Virginie Labelle